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Port Ludlow Village Council Health and Wellness Committee
Annual Report 2013-2014 at 10/2/14 PLVC Meeting
Gunter & Ursel Krumme, Co-Chairs

I Introduction

A. PLVC’s Health & Wellness Committee has been active for 3 1/2 years. Its work has been carried out through three “tracks:”
(1) Health Forums; (2) Groups; and a (3) “Resource Center” to meet its mission “to assist residents to access health information that would assist them in making personal health choices.” The Port Ludlow Village Council’s financial support and contributions by its liaison members, Vicki Tallerico [Fall 2013] and replacement Mike Nilssen [2014-15], are gratefully acknowledged.

B. Following the resignation of Committee Chair, Tom Stone, August 2013, Gunter and Ursel Krumme volunteered to be Co-Chairs; also to organize Forums with the assistance of Committee members [after the resignation of 2011-2013 Forum Chair, Tom Boughner, March 2013]

C. Members of the Committee: Peggy Schafran; Kathy Traci; Autumn Pappas; Karen Gebala; Lois Ruggles; Gunter & Ursel Krumme; PLVC Liaison: Vicki Tallerico [F’13]/ Mike Nilssen [2014-15]. Contributions from many Health Advocates in the community are gratefully acknowledged especially Shirley Peck, Marge Beil, Pat Ryan, Meribeth Reed, Audio-visual Guru Bob Azen and Videographer J.Jenkins. New for Fall 2014: Volunteer: Sandy Boughner/ Resignation: Lois Ruggles.

II Activities in 2013-2014:

A. Health Forums (468+ residents attended 4 Forum).

All needed arrangements were made at the Beach or Bay Club on an alternating basis and advertising strategies were carried out through the Voice, PT Leader, posters, handbills, announce-ments at meetings: 1st Weds Luncheons/ local churches etc; email blasts [PLVC], email/phone tree etc. Forum details can be found on, and, for the resources provided, on and under the individual “Topic”

Our presentation model was to involve (1) multiple related topics on high priority health conditions; (2) multiple experts/ complementary speakers from Jefferson Healthcare, Harrison Med. Ct , Seattle providers; other health professionals; (3) audio and visual projection (Bob Azen); (4) educational resources/ handouts to take home (4) availability of internet resources on our website; (5) intermission & healthy refreshments for attendees (6) video production (J.Jenkins) (7) sandwiches for long-distance speakers and thank you’s .

  1. Back and Spinal Issues: Prevention, Management, & Rehabilitation [Note: 50% of Americans experience back pain each year] Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013 from 6:00-8:00 PM by PL Active Life’s Physical Therapist Dr. Michael Harberpointner and Michael Kain, MD from West Sound Orthopaedics, Silverdale/ Expert in MISS: Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery. Handouts: Illustration of Spine from Dr. Harberpointner; Power Point presentation from Dr. Kain. There were 94 sign-in + more attendees at the Beach Club.

  2. Update on Healthcare Coverage: The Affordable Care Act & Medicare, Sat. Nov. 16, 2013 10AM to Noon by Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors/SHIBA: Carolyn Smith, Field Supervisor; Terri Osborne, Regional Trainer; and Marjorie Stewart, Coordinator with O3A; and Lauren Newcomer, Dir. of Quality & Improvement at Harrison Medical Center [HMC]. Handouts: Medicare pamphlets from SHIBA; Heart Zones/Log from HMC; Clinical Processes of Care Measures. There were 70 sign-in + more attendees at the Bay Club. One-on-one counseling sessions by SHIBAdvisors followed from 12:30 - 3:00 PM.

  3. Understanding Dementia and Early Interventions, [Note: 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another dementia] Sat., April 5, 2014 1:00-3:30 by Gail Bosch, Rph, CGP (Certified Geriatric Pharm.), Consultant Harrison Med. Ct; and Jenny Eidsmoe, B.S. (Psych), Early Stage Memory Loss Coord., Alzheimer‘s Assoc. Handouts [in folder]: Power Point presentations from speakers; Jefferson Healthcare [JHC] Home Health: “For Caregivers: Safety/ Communication/ Care Tips” There were 135 attendees at the Beach Club.

  4. Stroke: Prevention, Management Protocols & Rehabilitation [Note: Stroke is 3rd leading cause of death in WA and a leading cause of disability in adults] Sat., May 10, 2014 from 1:00 - 3:30 PM by Dr. David Tirschwell, Co-Dir. UW Stroke Center at Harborview Med. Ct.; Fire Chief Brad Martin, PL Fire & Rescue; LT Arnold, RN, Airlift NW; Leanne Peterson, RN BS, Stroke Manager, Harrison; Sherene Schlegel, RN, BSN, Dir. Telehealth & Robin Shabica, RN, Stroke Mgr, Swedish Medical Ct; and Paula Sorbel, RN, Stroke Mgr, JHC. Handouts [pamphlets in folder]: “Preventing Stroke;“ “Explaining Stroke;” “Know the Signs;” State of WA: Prehospital Stroke Triage Destination Procedure; “Diabetes, Heart Disease & Stroke;” “Stroke Recovery: A Caregiver’s Guide.” There were 130 attendees [+ 15 presenters/reps]

SUMMARY FORUM FEEDBACK: Informal and formal input from residents [through survey completion at Forums] reveals they appreciated “the complete-extremely helpful info;” “outstanding speakers/ slides + videos;” and “informative- excellent resources/ handouts for more study” related to their health and future choices.

B. Groups: Kathy Traci, Coordinator

1) Support Groups: Kathy reported a Brain and Aging Support Group had met 8 months in 2013 which satisfied the needs of attendees and was not re-convened. The Port Ludlow Cancer Support Group continues to have monthly meetings in a private home. Two Weight Loss groups, We Are Losing it (WALI 1 and WALI 2) also continue to meet, twice per month, one at the Beach Club, the other at the Bay Club. Individuals continue to lose or maintain their lost weight by providing support for each other for healthy eating.

2) SHIBA/Health Information One-on-One Sessions: New this year were monthly individual confidential counseling on Medicare Part B Supplemental Insurance and Part D Drug Coverage and the Affordable Care Act by P.L volunteers Judy McCay and Phyllis Waldenberg from SHIBA/ Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors. Committee Volunteers helped individual residents navigate credible online health data bases along with how to compile their personal health record.

C. Education Resource Center: Coordinators for health pamphlets/notebooks references were Peggy Schafran & Ursel Krumme; for our Website Gunter Krumme. Activities included: (1) collaborating with healthcare providers, especially Jefferson Healthcare and Harrison Medical Center for pamphlets/other donations; local organizations such as the Fire Dept for “Files of Life and Airlift NW, ECHHO etc; and (2) distributing resources at Forums/Events e.g. the Festival & Newcomers Welcome; & (3) adding updated materials to Notebooks/ website

IV Outlook & Vision: Developments in the healthcare sector continue to demand multi-faceted patient education. Our new venture to expand our committee’s activities to small group/one-on-one assistance/counseling sessions for health information e.g. learning to search reliable health websites in front of a screen, compiling a personal health file to include learning to use JHC/ Harrison’s new online “My Chart’” were begun with our new monthly combined one-on-one sessions. We continue to see a need to move from relatively passive health and wellness learning activities to even more active and engaged patient education modalities. This will also include small-group work sessions with, for example, the showing of the excellent DVD’s of some of our own past forums. Stay tuned for our new (ad)ventures in 2014-15!

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