Health & Wellness for Port Ludlow (


The purpose of the Port Ludlow Village Council Wellness Committee is to assist residents
in accessing relevant wellness information that supports their personal health care choices.


A. Educational Forums, 2011 and 2014

Oct 12, 2011:Balance & Fall Prevention
Jan 11, 2012: How to Survive as a Family Caregiver
March 7, 2012: Improving Quality of Life with Palliative Care
April 11, 2012: Coffee with Hospital CEOs (Harrison & Jefferson)
10am-noon, Beach Club (Please sign up!)
June 6, 2012: Senior-Friendly House Remodeling (6-8pm, Bay Club)
Sept 24, 2012:Return to an Active Life: The Importance of Exercise as We Age
Nov 14, 2012:Health Care Coverage (Medicare etc): What’s New and What’s Coming
Feb 28,2013: Preventing Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes
May 14,2013: Heart Attack Protocols and Rehabilitation
Oct22, 2013: Back & Spinal Issues: Prevention, Management & Rehabilitation
Nov 16,2013: Updates on the Affordable Care Act & Medicare
April 5, 2014: Understanding Dementia & Early Intervention
May 10, 2014: Stroke: Prevention, Management Protocols & Rehabilitation

Admission to these Forums is free. Some of the Forums require prior Registration.

Suggestions for Future Forum Topics and Presenters are always welcome!

B. Support & Study Groups: (Coordinator: Kathy Traci)

Presently, there are Weight Loss, Cancer, Caregiving and "Brain & Aging" Groups in different stages of development.
Contact: Support Group Coordinator (see Web site)

C. Educational Resource Center: (Coordinator: Ursel Krumme)

Development of Resource Notebooks with Educational Materials & Pamphlets. Presently accessible in Bay & Beach Club. Individual assistance by retired Health Professionals available.

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Further Information, Contacts & Resources: or krumme(at)comcast(dot)net
Facebook: Look for "Wellness for Port Ludlow"