High Incidence Cancer Forum
on April 11

by Ursel Krumme, Health & Wellness Committee

Our PLVC-sponsored Spring Forum on "High Incidence Cancers: Navigating Options and Resources from Diagnosis to Survivorship" will be held Saturday, April 11th from 1:00-3:30 in the Bay Club. This topic was rated as # 1 in two surveys of residents. The subject is timely. In the United States the number of people with a history of cancer has increased dramatically, from 3 million in 1971 to about 13.7 million today. About 68% of today's cancer survivors were diagnosed with cancer five or more years ago. More than half of cancer survivors are 65 or older. The increase in survival rates is thought to be largely due to the following four developments (1) improved identification of cancers through screening; (2) improved traditional treatments; (3) more effective management of side effects, making it possible to give patients the planned doses of cancer drugs; and (4) innovative treatments such as targeted gene or protein therapies. [Source: www.cancer.net/survivorship/about-cancer-survivorship]

The focus will be on the availability of diagnostic and treatment services on our side of the Sound (Port Townsend, Sequim & Poulsbo) with some emphasis on breast and prostate cancers. In the first hour, Dr. Dennis Willerford, Harrison's Health Partners' Medical Oncologist, will help us "Understand a Cancer Diagnosis" followed by Dr. Ann Murphy, Jefferson Healthcare's Medical Oncologist, with "Recent Advances in Diagnosis & Treatments with an Emphasis on Breast Cancer." After a break with refreshments, there will be three updates: (1) "Recent Advances in Diagnosis & Treatments of Prostate Cancer" by Dr. Alex Hsi, Radiation Oncologist from Peninsula Cancer Center; (2) "Advances in Chemotherapy and Infusion Services" by Jeinell Harper, RN, OCN and Lanny Turay, Director of Pharmacy from Jefferson Healthcare; while (3) Dr. Rena Zimmerman, Radiation Oncologist from Olympic Medical Cancer Center, will explain the concept and practice of "Integrative Oncology".