The Need for Patient Advocacy
Continues after You Leave the Hospital

Saturday, November 14, 2015
1 - 3:30 at the Beach Club

Kitsap County Cross Continuum
Care Transitions Project

Continuity of Care Document

Source: CDC (Click!)
Are you aware of the risks for post-hospital complications and how to navigate the healthcare system when one needs to access Medicare's 21-day Rehab or skilled nursing care at a facility or at home after surgery or an acute illness? Who is the responsible individual for recognizing early symptoms, ordering tests and treatments for possible complications? How can you, a family member, or friend become proactive?

Patient Advocacy is becoming critical in complex and changing healthcare environments. It involves: (1) access to health information; (2) knowing how to navigate the healthcare system; (3) direct access to decision-makers involved in patients' healthcare and acceptance of patients or their advocate as members of the healthcare team; and (4) appropriate assertiveness of patients or their advocates.

Dana Gargus, Long-Term Care Ombudsman for Kitsap County, will share how you can advocate for your own health and get involved in your own health care decisions. Being proactive entails knowing what services are available, how Washington State monitors care quality, recognizing your health problems and communicating with caregivers. As a member of the Kitsap Transition Project [KC4TP], Dana will explain how your "handover" from a hospital to Rehab or your home should go smoothly, but often does not.

Joshua Brocklesby, RN, Jefferson Healthcare's Director of Informatics, will discuss patient-centered facets of My Chart, how your "personal health record" empowers you as a patient. Direct access to your health conditions, diagnostic tests, medications and to providers assists you and your advocate in monitoring your progress, recognizing complications early for quick responses. Josh will also explain the "Continuum of Care Document" [CCD] used when transferring to a Rehab/ Skilled Nursing Facility from Jefferson Healthcare.

Resource Persons & Information at Forum Tables: Marjorie Stewart, Coordinator for Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors [SHIBA]: Questions & resources on Medicare 2016; Judy Tordini, RN, Cardiolgy Program Manager at JHC: Blood Pressure Checks & resources on cardiac health conditions. Other Resources: "Checklist for Post-Operative Complications" & "Resource Guide for Online Health Information Searches."

A nutritious snack will be served at the break.
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