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NEWS:Harrison Creating Local Chapter of Mended Hearts Support Group [Harrison Press Release January 2015]


Next Sessions are scheduled for:

  • November 12th, 2014 (Beach Club)
  • December 3, 2014, (Bay Club)
All from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

By Kathleen Traci

Medicare Beneficiaries - Meet one-on-one with a volunteer from SHIBA (Statewide Health insurance Benefits Advisors) who will provide free, unbiased, and confidential assistance with Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) and Medigap insurance policy choices. Open Enrollment Period deadline for Part D ends December 7th. However, most Medigap policies can be reviewed and may be changed throughout the year. Medicare enrollees interested in Part D help should bring their Medicare card, a list of current prescription drugs and information about their current Medigap plan.

Healthcare counseling - Learn from volunteers who will assist with navigation and use of free, credible, and reliable medical on-line databases.

Individual health insurance coverage - Meet one-on-one with a volunteer In-Person Assister (Navigator) who is trained and certified through the Washington Health Benefit Exchange to assist with enrollment in a health insurance plan for those under age 65. Learn if you are eligible for a tax subsidy to reduce your premium or for the expanded Medicaid program. Through the ACA (Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare) most uninsured people under age 65 are required to enroll in a healthcare plan. The enrollment period ends March 31, 2014. For coverage to begin January 1, 2014, a plan must be selected by December 15, 2013. Applicants need to bring with them Social Security numbers; birth dates of all individuals on your tax return; income Information for each adult on your tax return and for minors under age 18 who are required to file a tax return; name and address of employer; information about current health plans of any family member (Ins. Company, Group # and ID #); a credit or debit card to pay for first month’s premium. For legal immigrants seeking health care coverage, a passport, alien, or other immigration number is needed. All personal information shared with In-Person Assisters is confidential and secure.

Counseling sessions are on a first-come-first-served basis. No appointments are required or available.

The 2013/2014 sessions are as follows:

  • November 16, 2013, 1-3 p.m. (Bay Club) [following the Forum]
  • November 20, 1-3 p.m. (Beach Club)
  • December 4, 1-3 p.m. (Bay Club) and
  • December 11, 1-3 p.m. (Beach Club)
  • February 12, 2014, 1-3 p.m. (Bay Club)
  • March 12, 1-3 p.m. (Beach Club)
  • April 9, 1-3 p.m. (Bay Club)
  • May 14, 1-3 p.m. (Beach Club)
  • October 15th, 2014, 1-4 (Bay Club)
  • November 12th, 2014, 1-4 (Beach Club)
  • December 3, 2014, 1-4 (Bay Club)

Additional sessions will be held monthly in 2015. Dates and locations will be published in the Voice, on this Website and/or via handbills and posters on the bulletin boards of the Bay & Beach Clubs, Post Office etc..

Please inquire at the Beach and Bay Clubs reception desks as to the location/room for the event. No fees are charged for PLVC Health and Wellness Committee events.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Ursel Krumme, 206-605-1957, urselkrumme(at) or Kathy Traci, 360-301-5378, tracipkt(at)

Wellness Committee Support Groups: Summer 2013

  • Jefferson Healthcare Support Groups (2014)
  • Current Grief Support, Jefferson Healthcare
  • Jefferson Healthcare Announces Spring Schedule (2013) for Hospice Grief Support Groups [PDF Press Release]

    ----- Original Message ----- 
    From: Tracipkt
    Sent: Monday, March 11, 2013 12:11 PM
    Subject: Brain and Aging Support Group
    Hi Everyone,
    Unfortunately we are disbanding our Brain and Aging Support Group due 
    to low attendance at our last several meetings.  If there is sufficient
    interest in the future, we might recommence.  
    However, participants have learned a lot about their brains this past year
    and many of in our group have been spurred on to further investigations
    about how to keep our brains healthy.  We have also strengthened our
    resolve to pursue activities both physical and mental that keep our brain
    active and fit.
    Here is a link to 700 Free online Great Courses, like the one we used in our
    support group sessions.  A special thanks to Bob and Bonnie Van Allsburg
    for allowing us to view their Great Courses video in our group sessions.
    I also recommend participation in the Great Decisions sessions sponsored
    each February and March by the CEA.  Watch for an announcement of this
    6 session activity in the Voice.
    Thanks for your interest and companionship this past year.
    Kathy Traci
    Kathleen Traci, Ed. D.
    Port Ludlow, WA 98365


    By Kathleen Traci (December 6th, 2012)

    There are now three Wellness Committee “We Are Losing It” (WALI) support groups up and running. There are several openings for new members in the following groups:

    WALI 1 – Beach Club: Second and fourth Saturdays of the Month with Weigh-in from 9 a.m. to 9:10 a.m and meeting from 9:10 a.m. to 10 a.m.

    WALI 2 – Bay Club: Second and fourth Mondays of the Month with Weigh-in from 10 a.m. to 10:10 a.m. and meeting from 10:10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

    WALI 3 - Bay Club: First and third Mondays of the Month with Weigh-in from 4 p.m to 4:10 p.m and meeting from 4:10 p.m. to 5 p.m.

    There is an annual prorated fee of $24 for membership ($2 per month)

    The emphasis of the support groups is on sharing information about healthy eating and exercise options. Nothing tastes as good as being slimmer and healthier feels! For more information, contact Kathy Traci, 360-301-5378,


    Fall 2012:
    Under the auspices of the Wellness Committee, the following four support groups will continue to meet this year:

    o The Beach Club Weight Loss group, We Are Losing It (WALI 1), meets on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at 10:20 a.m. for Weigh-in and 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. for the meeting.

    o The Bay Club group Weight Loss group, We Are Losing It (WALI 2), meets on the first and third Mondays of the month at for 3:50 PM Weigh-in and 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. for the meeting. (Please note: While the weight loss groups are at capacity membership, if there is enough interest, another group can be started at the Bay Club on Monday mornings.)

    o The Brain and Aging Support Group resumes their meetings on the fourth Monday of the month at 4 p.m. at the Bay Club. Any resident may attend the Brain and Aging Support Group at the Bay Club without making a reservation or long term commitment to membership. A short round-table discussion follows a DVD presentation.

    o Breast Cancer Survivor Support Group – Meets in residents’ homes. (While membership is full at this time, if there is enough interest, the PLVC Wellness Committee has two residents who have volunteered to facilitate the start of a new cancer survivor support group. The new group would meet once or twice a month at the Beach Club.)

    For more information about any of these support groups or ideas for other support groups, please contact Kathy Traci at or 437-7874. ------------>

    By Kathleen Traci (Jan 24, 2012)
    The PLVC Wellness Committee is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the Port Ludlow Community. If there is enough interest, a new cancer support group will be formed. The emphasis will be on sharing information and providing support for one another. One Port Ludlow cancer support group has been meeting for the past several years. Since there are no openings for new members in that cancer support group, two founding members of the original group have volunteered to get a new group off to a successful start. There will be no fees for membership and club non-member use fees will be waived. If you are interested, please contact Kathy Traci, 360-301-5378,

    Brain and Aging Study:
    Group Changes Schedule, August 2012

    by Kathleen Traci,
    The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Wellness Committee’s Brain and Aging study group will not meet during the summer months. Meetings will resume on the second Monday in October and continue to meet on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.

    There are no fees for membership and club non-member use fees are waived. If you are interested in having your name added to the group’s e-mail notification list, please contact Kathy Traci, 360-301-5378,
    See alo: Voice, August 2012, p.8


    By Kathleen Traci
    The PLVC Wellness Committee’s Brain and the Aging Study Group is meeting on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at the Bay Club from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Meetings are devoted to viewing and discussing the lectures from a Great Courses DVD about how to keep the brain active. Learn about age-related changes in how the brain functions. Members are encouraged to share journal articles about healthy activities for the brain with fellow members.
    There are no fees for group membership and the Bay Club’s non-member use fee is waived. Attendees should sign in at the Bay Club reception desk and select the PLVC Committee’s Brain and Aging event. Currently members are meeting in the Bay Club’s Conference Room.
    If you are interested in attending these Brain and Aging Study Group meetings, please contact Kathy Traci, 360-301-5378, or 437-7874 or

    Source: The Voice, May 2012, p. 10 & Voice, June 2012

Contact: Kathy Traci, Support Group Coordinatior,
360-437-7874 or tracipkt(at)aol(dot)com

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Jessica Wagner-Smith 
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2012 12:34 PM
Subject: Free Online Workshops: Living With, Through, & Beyond Cancer

Good Afternoon.
Please see the below information for free online workshops from the National Cancer Institute, 
LIVESTRONG, American Cancer Society, Intercultural Cancer Council, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, 
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, and CancerCare.  You can register for these informative 
podcasts at the following link:

The Tenth Annual Cancer Survivorship Series:
Living With, Through & Beyond Cancer 
Annette Gardner, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  

CancerCare, in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute: Office of Cancer Survivorship and 
Office of Communications and Education, LIVESTRONG, American Cancer Society, Intercultural Cancer 
Council, Living Beyond Breast Cancer and National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, is pleased 
to invite you to participate in a free, four-part workshop series. The series will take place on 
Tuesdays, from 1:30-2:30 pm Eastern Time - April 24, May 15, June 19 and July 17.
You can listen to these workshops on the telephone or via live streaming through the internet.

This free series is made possible by support from the National Cancer Institute and LIVESTRONG 
and offers cancer survivors, their families, friends and health care professionals 
practical information to help them cope with concerns that arise after treatment ends.

Part I, Using Mind/Body Techniques to Cope with the Stress of Survivorship, 
will be presented on April 24th.

The faculty for this program includes: 
* Richard Dickens, MSW, Survivor Perspective, Clinical Supervisor, 
         Mind/Body Project Coordinator, CancerCare 
* Lorenzo Cohen, PhD, Professor and Director, Integrative Medicine Program, Departments of 
         General Oncology and Behavioral Science, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 
* David Spiegel, MD, Jack, Lulu and Sam Willson Professor in the School of Medicine, Associate Chair, 
         Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine

Subsequent workshops in the series are:   
* Part II, Recapturing Joy and Finding Meaning -- May 15th   
* Part III, Changing Roles and Responsibilities for Caregivers -- June 19th 
* Part IV, Managing Post-Treatment Neuropathy -- July 17th 

These workshops are free - no phone charges apply. However, pre-registration is required. 
To register, and for more information, simply go to the CancerCare website, 
We are very excited to offer this telephone workshop series to you. We hope that you will 
join us and that you will share this information with your patients and colleagues. 
Thank you,
Jessica Wagner-Smith, MS, ACSM
Coordinator Oncology Support/
Patient Navigator
360.744.4625 (tele)
360.744.6606 (fax)
Harrison Medical Center
2520 Cherry Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98310
By Kathleen Traci (Jan 24, 2012)

The PLVC Wellness Committee is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the Port Ludlow Community by supporting research about these topics. If there is enough interest, two Port Ludlow residents have volunteered to lead a study group about the brain and the aging process. Members will meet monthly to discuss articles, videos and fiction/non-fiction books that give insight into the working of the brain during the human aging process. There will be no fees for membership and club non-member use fees will be waived. If you are interested, please contact Kathy Traci, 360-301-5378,

By Kathleen Traci (Jan 24, 2012)

The PLVC Wellness Committee is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the Port Ludlow Community. If there is enough interest, a new cancer support group will be formed. The emphasis will be on sharing information and providing support for one another. One Port Ludlow cancer support group has been meeting for the past several years. Since there are no openings for new members in that cancer support group, two founding members of the original group have volunteered to get a new group off to a successful start. There will be no fees for membership and club non-member use fees will be waived. If you are interested, please contact Kathy Traci, 360-301-5378,

By Kathleen Traci (Jan 24, 2012)

There are now three PLVC Wellness Committee We Are Losing It (WALI) support groups up and running. There are several openings for new members in the following groups:

WALI 2 – Bay Club: First and third Mondays of the Month with Weigh-in from 9:50 a.m. to 10 a.m. and meeting from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

WALI 3 - Bay Club: First and third Mondays of the Month with Weigh-in from 4 p.m to 4:10 p.m and meeting from 4:10 p.m. to 5 p.m.

There is an nnual prorated fee of $24 for membership ($2 per month) The emphasis of the support groups is on sharing information about healthy eating and exercise options. Nothing tastes as good as being slimmer and healthier feels! For more information, contact Kathy Traci, 360-301-5378,


CAREGIVERS: After speaking with several caregivers, it was decided that due to their home/job schedules, meeting on a regular basis might not be the best way to meet their current needs for support. Instead they would like to be made aware of special forums and area events that would give them needed information to facilitate their work as caregivers. The following is a great opportunity to connect with other caregivers while meeting these information needs. (Report, September 9th, 2011) (By Kathleen Traci)

Report from
Dec. 8th Conference in Bremerton
also in: VOICE, January 2012, scroll to pp. 6-7.
By Kathleen Traci,
PLVC Support Group Coordinator

At a recent Care Giver’s Support Group Conference, the keynote address was delivered by “Passages” author Gail Sheehy. Sheehy has written a new book entitled “Passages in Caregiving” that it is based on her own experience caring for her husband through 4 battles with cancer. Sheehy wrote this book because she is concerned that adults caught in the sandwich generation, between ailing parents and still needy children, are not taking care of their health due to their care giving responsibilities.

She advocates that families form a “circle of care” to share care giving responsibilities. This group should be formed before there is a crisis. Family reunions and holiday gatherings are a good time to talk and plan for the future. Older family members should be encouraged to share their wishes for their future care and passing. For instance, who do they want in the room with them in their final hours? Do they want music playing? If yes, what kind of music?

Gail compares the world of the caregiver to that of the Labyrinth. It is not a maze, but a circular path with a true path to the center, but you, the caregiver, don’t know where you are going, nor do you know how long it will take to reach the center. Turning 1 of this passage is “Shock and Mobilization”. If you have already formed a care plan based on the wishes of your loved one and you have found a doctor who can act as a trusted quarterback to guide your care team to implement the plan, your mobilization is facilitated. If the doctor does not value the primary caregiver as an important member of the team, it is necessary to find another doctor.

Turning 2 is the “New Normal”. This means there will be some changes in the caregiver’s life and a new living pattern will emerge based on the care plan. The cycle of hyper-vigilance keeps the stress hormones cycling in the caregiver’s system. The care giver must find a way to delegate and share responsibilities with other members of the care circle. Caregivers need to have a “happy hour” in which they do something pleasurable, just for themselves – take a walk, debrief over coffee with another caregiver, or watch a humorous comedy.

Sheehy calls Turning 3 the “Boomerang” when new health challenges surface. During this stage it is important that the caregiver encourages the loved one to continue to pursue activities that re-generate them. After a cancer hiatus, Sheehy encouraged her husband to nurture young writers even though it meant picking up and moving from New York to Berkeley, CA. With this positive mind/body approach, her husband had 10 good years teaching at the University of CA before a cancer re-occurrence.

Turning 4 Sheehy entitles “Playing God”. Treatment backfires or something goes wrong, leading to caregiver guilt. Sheehy recommends being a fearless caregiver who continues to advocate for their loved one. Viewing care giving as an opportunity and a privilege sustains the caregiver in this endeavor. Sheehy recommends that caregivers end each day by writing down three things that went well that day and what they did to make them go well.

Sheehy calls the Fifth Turning the “I Can’t Do This Anymore” stage. That’s when the caregiver needs to call the Area Agency on Aging to receive counseling. By calling together the care circle members and a facilitator, difficult decisions can be made that will relieve the burden on the primary caregiver. Turning 6 is the “Coming Back” stage when the caregiver has reached the center of the Labyrinth, frees themselves from guilt and begins to return to his/her own life - reconnecting with friends and pursuing their own life dreams. This stage is followed by Turning 7, “The In-between stage” and Turning 8, “The Long Goodbye”. Sheehy recommends strategies for coping with each stage.

Sheehy reminded the attendees of the Caregivers conference that they are not alone. 61 million other Americans are performing in this compassionate role. The unpaid contribution to the economy has increased by $85 billion from 2007 to 2009 when it was $450 billion.

In discussing the Seventh Turning, Sheehy was very passionate about the need for palliative care when the loved one enters the cycle of slow dying. This type of care focuses on giving the patient and the caregiver the best quality of life. Hospice care is only covered by Medicare during the last six months of life. Sheehy recommends that during Palliative Care, 911 should not be called and a sign should be up in the home - DO NOT CALL 911. This is because going to the hospital just makes the patient sicker. During Palliative Care, the patient can be on antibiotics. These are not given to the patient in Hospice Care. Later the patient might need to go to Hospice with home health aides and 24/7 care. During the Q and A session, Sheehy shared that praying helped her a lot and allowed her to turn over her burden each night to God, allowing her to sleep. She also advised caregivers to, “Hold on to this present moment as the best thing you have”.

Announcement from the PLVC Wellness Committee

  • Support Groups: Local, Regional & Online
    • Weight Loss Support Group at Bay Club: "Right now, we have eight members for the new "We Are Losing it Too (WALI 2)" support group at the Bay Club. Our first meeting is 10/17/11 at 10:20 AM."

    • A new Cancer Support Group is under consideration (see above).

    • A new Women's Discussion Group on issues related to "Aging and the Mind" is under consideration.

    • Other Support Groups: Local, Regional & Online (Click!)

  • CaringBridge ["Free, personal and private websites that connect people experiencing a health challenge with family and friends."]
  • Support for cancer or any serious health event:. A free, personalized patient website helps you or a relative keep your loved ones and friends updated thereby saving you time and emotional energy when communicating with others about a significant health challenge. This easy-to-use service also allows everyone to express his or her feelings and offer support.

  • Wikipedia "CaringBridge is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization offering free personalized websites to people facing a serious medical condition or hospitalization, undergoing medical treatment and/or recovering from a significant accident, illness, injury or procedure[1]. Its functionality is similar to a blog.... CaringBridge sites make it easier for patients, caregivers, families and friends to exchange information about a patient's medical condition or disease on an ongoing basis..."

  • The Caregiver Support Conference will be held on Dec. 8, 2011 from 8 AM to 4 PM at the Kitsap Conference Center 100 Washington Ave., Bremerton.

    This conference is presented by the Kitsap County Division of Aging and Long Term Care. Call 360-337-5700 to register.

    The keynote speaker is Gail Sheehy, journalist, lecturer and nationally recognized author.
    Her talk is entitled: “Passages in Caregiving: The Most Memorable Passage in Your Life”.

    Additional presenters include,

    Margarita Suarez, RN, MA: “Six Steps for Effective Communication” and “Keep the Dream in the Face of Reality” and
    Shelly Zylstra, PhD: “Medication Management for Older Adults: Pitfalls, Perils, and Proper Practices”.

    Kitsap caregivers will be honored by Charlotte Gariddo, PhD, Kitsap County Commissioner.

  • The Jefferson County Caregiver Coalition is presenting a free caregiver conference entitled “A Time For You” on October 1st, 2011 at 8:45 AM – 3:30 PM at the Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship located at 2333 San Juan Avenue in Port Townsend.

    The keynote speaker will be Liz Taylor, founder and principal of Aging Well Consortium. She is also an award winning journalist, speaker, consumer educator and pioneer of a host of aging issues. Her focus will be: “Caring for the Caregiver is Job #1”. This event is sponsored by Jefferson Healthcare Home and Community Services and the Olympic Area Agency on Aging Information and Assistance.

    Morning beverages with snacks and lunch will be provided. For more information or to pre-register call 360-385-2552 or e-mail Seating is limited. If anyone is interested in carpooling to this event from Port Ludlow, please contact, Kathy Traci (360-437-7874) or

  • Resources For Caregivers:



VOICE, January 2012, scroll to p.17.
By Kathleen Traci,
PLVC Wellness Committee Support Group Coordinator

Two weight loss support groups sponsored by the PLVC Wellness Committee are currently meeting in Port Ludlow. Each of these “We Are Losing It” (WALI) weight loss support groups has a maximum of 10 members and meets twice a month at the Bay Club or the Beach Club. To date, members have supported each other to live healthier lives by improving their eating habits and increasing their activity levels. Losing weight is a bi-product of this two pronged approach and no specific diet plans are advocated. However, many members find the use of the My Fitness Pal website ( very helpful for tracking food/water intake and exercise. Free materials, including an exercise CD, are available from the National Institute on Aging as part of their Go4Life Campaign to encourage citizens aged 50+ to exercise (

If there is enough interest, a third WALI weight loss group will start meeting during the latter part of January. Annual dues for meeting prizes are $24 ($2 per month). The meeting time for this new support group is 4 PM on the first and third Monday of the month. The group will not have a leader and will be self managed. The meeting primarily consists of opportunities for members to share tips for healthy living. If you are interested, please contact Kathy Traci at or 360-437-7874 or 360-301-5378.

  • Resources For Weight Loosers (or Those who Aspire to be):

    • My Fitness Pal "MyFitnessPal is a diet and fitness community built with one purpose in mind: providing you with the tools and support you need to achieve your weight loss goals." "Millions have lost weight with MyFitnessPal's FREE calorie counter. Get FREE access to the world's largest nutrition and calorie database — over 1 million foods!

    • Nutrition Resources (PLHealth)

    • Weight Management [Medline Plus: This X-Plain module is published by the Patient Education Institute and licensed by the National Library of Medicine]
      1. Interactive Tutorial
      2. Self-Playing Tutorial (Video)
      3. Text Version - Reference Summary (pdf)

    • MEN'S HEALTH: The Middle Weight Problem, Group Health: Winter 2012, p.7 "... the extra weight that some men carry around their girth is bad news for their health. Here's why: Fat tucked behind the abdominal wall may be more harmful than fat stored on the hips and thighs. This belly fat is associated with insulin resistance, a condition that contributes to the development of type 2 diabetes."

  • Support Groups, Helplines & Hotlines

    • Port Ludlow Wellness Support Groups [PLVC Wellness Committee, contact: Kathy Traci (360-437-7874) tracipkt(at)aol(dot)com.]

    • The following are lists, directories or calendars of support groups in neighboring communities in Jefferson and Kitsap counties. Please use the contact information for the lists themselves and/or for the specific support group you are interested in to check the current accuracyof the information provided.

    • Others:
      • Support groups often include exercise programs (Cancer, Parkinson's etc.). Please check here for further references.

      • Team Survivor Northwest: WestSound - Port Townsend ... is a unique non profit organization providing physical activities and sports-centered adventures for women cancer survivors. Team Survivor Northwest is the club serving the greater Puget Sound region; the TSNW office may be reached at 206-732-8350 (or

      • NAMI in Jefferson County (Port Townsend) NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS (NAMI) meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month, offering support, education, advocacy and respect to those with mental illness, their families and friends. In the first monthly meeting, those with a mental disorder meet with families and friends; in the second monthly meeting, those with a mental disorder meet together while families and friends meet separately, 385-1716,,

      • Silverdale: Alzheimer's Association Caregiver Support Group 3382 Nw Carlton St B, Silverdale.
        Contact Cyd Wadlow at (360)-621-1185
        Occurs the third Tuesday of every month
        Western and Central Washington State Chapter
        [North Tower, 100 W Harrison Street, N200, Seattle, WA 98119; Helpline: 1.800.272.3900]
        (National) Alzheimer's & Dementia Caregiver Center Brain & Alzheimer's Page `

      • Alzheimer's Association Chimacum Caregiver Support Group at Tri-Area Community [PT Leader, Feb 2015]

      • Dance for Parkinson's Disease [See PTLeader of Sept 18, 2013 for classes in Chimacum, also Tri-Area Community Center Calendar. First class: Sept 21, 2013]

      • Parkinson's Support Groups Northwest [Port Angeles, Poulsbo, Kingston and others] Parkinson’s Support Group, Port Townsend: For those with Parkinson’s disease and their family members. The monthly educational programs are offered by the Northwest Parkinson Foundation through the Telehealth Program
        Day: Second Monday
        Time: 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.
        Place: Jefferson Healthcare Hospital Puget Room
        Contact: Karen Elliot, MSW 360-385-2200, ext. 2017

      • Swedish Hospital - Cancer Institute: Counseling & Support ... patients and their families have access to a range of psychosocial services, including support for individuals, couples and families, and regular peer support groups for patients and caregivers. These services are part of our Division of Psycho-Oncology, which includes board-certified psychiatrists and oncology social workers who work exclusively with cancer patients and families.

      • Association of Cancer Online Resources
      • Cancer Lifeline "Our Mission: Optimizing the quality of life for all people living with cancer. We provide emotional support, resources, educational classes and exercise programs designed to support people in all stages of the cancer process. We welcome patients, survivors, their families, friends, co-workers and caregivers. Our services are available throughout the Puget Sound area and in 16 Western Washington counties. All of our services are free of charge" (& available in Seattle, Kirkland and Renton but not on the Peninsulas [Oct 2011]).

      • EASE: Exercise and Survivorship Education Cancer Foundation The EASE Cancer Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the journey of cancer survivors by improving their quality of life and overall well-being.

      • Diabetis Support Communities [American Diabetis Association]

      • Caregiver Support Groups

      • ONLINE Support Groups & Systems

        • Blogs & Media Support []

        • PatientsLikeMe PatientsLikeMe is a data-driven social networking health site that enables its members to share condition, treatment, and symptom information in order to monitor their health over time and learn from real-world outcomes. Members are able to find and connect with patients like them, gain social support, and learn first-hand about ways to cope and manage. PatientsLikeMe aims to help patients answer the question: "Given my status, what is the best outcome I can hope to achieve, and how do I get there?" [Wikipedia]

          Find Patients Like You; Explore our Treatment Reports; Learn about Symptoms; Review our Research; Check for your Conditions; Patient Testimonials

        • Share your health profile. Answer simple questions to create a shared health profile to see how you’re doing over time. Find patients like you Search by gender, age, treatments, symptoms, and time since diagnosis to easily connect with patients like you.
        • Learn from others. Learn from real-world treatment and symptom reports, forum discussions, health profiles, one-on-one conversations and more.

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    Kathy Traci
    Support Groups Coordinator

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