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    Have you seen the
    Health & Wellness articles
    in the latest issue of the Port Ludlow VOICE? PLEASE CLICK!

    * * *

    Jefferson Healthcare to Host Open House
    on Friday, August 18, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
    for the New Port Ludlow Clinic
    at 89 Breaker Lane, Port Ludlow

    "Jefferson Healthcare will host an open house celebration at the new Port Ludlow Clinic located at 89 Breaker Lane (opposite of Kitsap Bank) on Friday, August 18, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The Port Ludlow community is invited to tour the new clinic, which features an expanded waiting and resource room, six exam rooms, a procedure room for visiting specialists, and a consult room for providers and nurses..." (More .....)

    * * *

    Dermatology Team Joins Jefferson Healthcare

    Claire Haycox, MD, and Leah Layman, ARNP, join Jefferson Healthcare and bring high quality dermatological services to the community. The dermatology team will see patients in the Jefferson Healthcare Dermatology Clinic at 834 Sheridan Street, Port Townsend, as well as at the Port Ludlow Clinic at 89 Breaker Lane....
    (VOICE August 2017, p.31)

    * * *

    Looking for Information about the (Contemplated) Assisted Living Facility in Port Ludlow?
    Check and monitor the PORT LUDLOW VOICE May, June etc. 2017

    * * *

    If you have not done so, please find and answer this survey in your Email inbox

    Requests Community Input

    * * *

    News Releases:

    REPORT (from the actual event) PUBLISHED IN THE PORT TOWNSEND LEADER ON MAY 18, 2016

    Jefferson Healthcare Community Forum and Ground Breaking Ceremony for the New Port Ludlow Clinic

    Jefferson Healthcare invites the community to join Jefferson Healthcare's CEO Mike Glenn and Hospital Commissioners to a community forum and ground breaking ceremony for the new Port Ludlow Clinic on May 11, 2016 at 12 noon at the Port Ludlow Bay Club on Spinnaker Road. Doors open for the community forum at noon with a presentation by Mike Glenn, CEO. After the conclusion of the community forum, everyone is invited to join Mike, the Hospital Commissioners, representatives from Port Ludlow Associates, and Steven Rice, Principal in Charge from Rice Fergus Miller Architects at the clinic site for the ground breaking ceremony. The ceremony is expected to begin about 1:30 pm at the construction site located at the corner of Paradise Road and Breaker Lane, across the street from Kitsap Bank in the Port Ludlow Village.

    The forum will be an opportunity for the community to hear details about the new Port Ludlow Clinic, an update on the Emergency and Specialty Services building project, and other Jefferson Healthcare news. Light refreshments will be served.

    The Port Ludlow Clinic is designed by Rice Fergus Miller Architects of Bremerton, and the construction will be completed by Port Ludlow Associates.

    * * *

    ECHHO: Medical Equipment
    Ecumenical Christian Helping Hands Organization (ECHHO) has been working to extend its medical equipment loan services to areas of south Jefferson County. For several years, ECHHO has offered a selection of medical equipment items in Brinnon and in Port Ludlow. Recently, ECHHO has worked with several other area churches to establish local outlets that will help residents obtain medical equipment loans more readily. ECHHO medical equipment loans are now available through four locations including Port Ludlow Community Church, 9534 Oak Bay Road.(the PT Leader, April 2016)

    * * *

    More than 120 Partners Join CDC to Fight Antibiotic Resistance: President proclaims Nov. 16-22 'Get Smart About Antibiotics Week'

    * * *

    We thought you might be interested: State's oldest resident dies in Poulsbo at 114 ["Otis wasn't a health nut, though she liked to hike and stay active. She had no major health concerns, took no medicine and didn't need a wheelchair until this past year"]

    * * *

    Check this out: A Convenient Table for Major Credible Medical Information Data Bases!

    * * *

    Doctor's Prescription: Play this Video Game and Call me in the Morning!

    * * *

    CDC: New recommendations advise all nursing homes to improve antibiotic prescribing practices and reduce their inappropriate use to protect residents from the consequences of antibiotic-resistant infections, such as C. difficile. (9/15/15) Click!

    * * *

    September is Fall Prevention Month:
    Improve Your Balance to Lower the Danger of Falling!

    * * *

    Is the selection of the right Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) as or more important as the choice of the best hospital? Check the reports from the Kitsap Sun before you pick....! (August 15, 2015)
    Also: Go directly to (Medicare) source: Nursing Home Compare
    and to this SNF page (plhealth.org)!

    * * *

    Consumer Report, July 2015: How your hospital can make you sick: Consumer Reports’ new Ratings of more than 3,000 U.S. hospitals show which do a good job of avoiding MRSA, C.diff, and other deadly infections

    "... She recovered but soon realized that she wasn't the only patient suffering. "When I was able to walk down the hall in the hospital," she says, "I was horrified to see room after room with C. diff caution signs on their doors warning that the patients inside, like me, had been infected." [...] (she) recovered from a life-threatening case of C. diff caused by antibiotics she got in the hospital. But shortly after, she says, her doctor wanted to prescribe a broad-­spectrum antibiotic to prevent infection in her incision. "I was shocked because that could trigger the C. diff all over again," she says. Her takeaway: "You have to be your own advocate." [Source]

    * * *

    Location of the planned new clinic at the (North) corner of Breaker Lane and Paradise Bay Road

    Port Ludlow Village Council Report by Tamra McDearmid, Secretary (Voice, July 2015, p.32) "PLA has signed an agreement with Jefferson Healthcare for a new clinic in Port Ludlow and is working with a bank on a construction loan. There will be a groundbreaking event. The goal is for the clinic to be ready by late 2016. Plans for determining traffic patterns and parking are not finalized."

    * * *

    Port Townsend: A group of local residents is forming a caregiving cooperative, an employee-owned business providing in-home care services.... (PT Leader July 15, 2015)

    * * *

    Pneumonia is a leading cause of hospitalization among adults and children in the United States with high medical cost. Despite the large disease burden, critical gaps in our knowledge remain. Specifically, contemporary estimates of the incidence and etiology of community-acquired pneumonia hospitalizations based on prospectively collected data are needed. Over the last three decades, successful pneumococcal and Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccination has markedly reduced the burden of disease associated with these pathogens, including that associated with pneumonia. In addition, recent availability of molecular diagnostic tests for respiratory pathogen detection provides new opportunities to detect viruses and bacteria in patients hospitalized with pneumonia. Monitoring the burden of pneumonia, as well as its causes can help guide policy and future treatment recommendations. (CDC & EPIC July 2015)

    * * *

    Farewell to Low Fat Diets: why Scientists applaud lifting a Ban on Fat (NPR June 2015)

    * * *

    For details and photos from our April 2015 Cancer Forum, see our Cancer (PLHealth.org) Page.

    (Forums & Other Events)

    WHEN?   WHERE?   WHAT?

    Click on the event for more details or go directly to the Events Page

    * * *


    PBS: CANCER: The Emperor of All Maladies [4 Segments to be aired on March 30, 2015 on Ch 9, continued March 31 and April 1, all at 9 p.m.]

    KCTS: Immunotherapy Breakthrough, April 3rd, Ch 9)

    CBS: Killing Cancers with Polio? (60 Minutes, March 29, 2015)

    TIME: Closing the Cancer Gap (March 30, 2015); also: How We’re Failing at Preventing Cancer (online, April 1, 2015)

    PLVC Health & Wellness Committee's Cancer Forum: April 11, 2015: 1pm., Bay Club:
    "High-Incidence Cancers: Navigating Options and Resources from Diagnosis to Survivorship,"
    with Speakers from Port Townsend, Poulsbo and Sequim
    Click for the more detailed Event Poster
    or the Event Announcement(pdf)

    Local Health Calendars:

    * * *

    You wish to provide feedback or make suggestions to the Health & Wellness folks in Port Ludlow? Use this Survey Questionnaire or send an Email directly to plhealth.org(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!


    Do you have Medicare questions? Ask Phil! (PBS)

    * * *

    Who is your Patient Advocate when you face the more complex parts of today's healthcare system?

    * * *

  • Challenges for Doctors Using Fitness Trackers, Apps ["Doctors say fitness trackers, health apps can boost care"] Bioscience Technology, Feb 20, 2015 By ANICK JESDANUN AP Technology Writer HACKENSACK, N.J. (AP) -- That phone app keeping track of your exercise and meals might keep you out of the hospital one day. Why give your doctors permission to incorporate data from fitness trackers and health apps into electronic patient records? Well, they might spot signs of an ailment sooner and suggest behavioral changes or medication before you land in the emergency room. They also might be able to monitor how you're healing from surgery or whether you're following a treatment regimen.

    * * *

    Press Release: Harrison Acquires Assets of AMI and Olympic Radiology:
    The New Organization will be renamed Harrison Imaging Centers - (2/3/2015)

    * * *

    * * *

    Who is Who in the Doctor's Office? [AARP}

  • * * *

    Aetna CEO: Health Insurers Face Extinction:
    Single-Payer Health Care Is Coming To America-
    Are We Ready?

    “The system doesn’t work, it’s broke today ... The end of insurance companies, the way we’ve run the business in the past, is here.”

    * * *









    You wish to get there? CLICK inside the Boxes!

    Our Committee:

    (sponsored by the Port Ludlow Village Council)

    COMMITTEE MEMBERS: (as of November 2015)

    Ursel & Gunter Krumme (Co-Chairs), Sandy Boughner, Michael Nilssen (PLVC President), Autumn Pappas, Meribeth Reed, Peggy Schafran, Kathy Traci (Chair, Groups), Terry Umbreit (PLVC Representative), Emeritus Members: Tom Boughner (Past Forum Chair), Tom Stone (Past Chair). Karen B. Gebala, Lois Ruggles. Numerous other Port Ludlow residents are members of the "Port Ludlow Health & Wellness Group", a wider circle of Health & Wellness Advocates (including: Marge Beil, Shirley Peck, Pat Ryan, Audio-visual Guru Bob Azen, Port Ludlow Photographer Peggy Flentie, and Kathy Pappas) Contact any member of the committee if you are interested in joining this Health & Wellness community.

    The purpose of the Port Ludlow Health & Wellness Committee is to assist residents in accessing relevant information that supports their personal health care choices.

    GOALS & Objectives: see statements from the beginning of our first year in 2011

    See also: "Wellness Committee: Its Goals and Activities," PL VOICE, October 2011 (Click, then scroll to p.25) - - Complete Reports of the Committee can be found in the Archives (below)! Click!

    Our Website:


    This Web site is "under construction", i.e. it represents many kinds of "work in progress". It originated in January 2010 as part of a community effort to assemble wellness oriented information and Web sites which were potentially useful for the discussion of health issues and options for residents of Port Ludlow (Washington). It became the unofficial Web site of the Port Ludlow Health & Wellness Committee in 2011 when the Port Ludlow Village Council sponsored and established this committee, consisting of three initiatives or "tracks", namely: organizing occasional Health & Wellness Forums, the establishment of an Education Resource Center, and the facilitation of Support Groups.

    It is hoped that the Web site will prove useful in helping residents access appropriate and reliable online information -- with or without additional one-on-one navigational assistance. We will try to go beyond linking to information about providers, disease conditions and treatment options, but also to refer to choice situations and "decision aids", i.e. concepts and tools suitable for preparing for and engaging in shared decision-making with physicians and other providers.

    However,.... the individuals behind this assembly of resources cannot be responsible for the content of the sites to which they have provided links. No part of this site should ever be construed as providing medical advice. (See full disclaimer on the bottom of this page!)

    All users are urged to provide critiques & suggestions related to this site to the organizers of the Resource Center.

    * * *

    PLHEALTH.ORG is loosely connected to other Port Ludlow Web portals. These Web sites (Port Ludlow Archives, The Voice, Port Ludlow Today (until 2013) and Port Ludlow Village Council) are based on the volunteer work of Port Ludlow residents committed to improving communication within the community using different Internet technologies (including for some of them, "content management systems" [CMS]). These sites differ in content, organization, focus and intent; thus, they add up to a wealth of information and a rich local knowledge base, probably quite unique for a community of the size of Port Ludlow.

    Google - Ad

    PLHealth.org Archives:

    Links to plhealth.org from elsewhere on the Internet:

    Online Courses which might contribute to the mission of the Health & Wellness Committee:


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  • * * *

    FORUM 14 Nov 2015
    "Patient Advocacy & Personal Health Records"
    Photos: Peggy Flentie

    Mike Nilssen, PLVC President,
    Port Ludlow's unofficial Mayor,
    is greeting the audience

    Ursel Krumme (Forum Organizer) with Dana Gargus (left), Long-Term Care Ombudsman for Kitsap County,

    Kate Burke (left), Marketing Director at Jefferson Healthcare with Joshua Brocklesby, RN, Jefferson Healthcare's Director of Informatics,

    Joshua Brocklesby helped us understand the difference between Personal Health Records and Medical or Electronic Health Records, and the importance of "MyChart" for us patients.

    Members of our Galley Crew under the Leadership of our Nutritious Refreshment Provider Autumn Pappas

    Bob Azen, without whom our Projection & Audio Technology would not be reliable.

    * * *

    11 April, 2015

    Karen Gebala & Ursel Krumme, Forum Organizers, confer before the Cancer Forum in April 2015 in the Bay Club

    * * *

    We had a very informative & educational Cancer Forum! in April 2015

    Photos by Peggy Lee Flentie

    VIPSs at the April 11 Cancer Forum: (f.l.t.r.) Susan Clements (OMCC, Sequim), Lanny Turay (JHC, PT),
    Jeinell Harper (JHC, PT), Alex Hsi (PCC, Poulsbo), Ann Murphy (JHC, PT),
    Ursel Krumme (PLVC Committee) , Dennis Willerford (HHP, Poulsbo) and Terry Umbreit (PLVC President)
    See "Forums" & "Events" for further details. More photos and results from the event have been posted on the Cancer Page.

    * * *

    July 26, 2014

    Port Ludlow's Health and Wellness Committee again invited to share the tent of the Village Council advertized its numerous outreach activities during this year's Festival-by-the-Bay.

    8 year-old Benjamin K. from the Methow Valley took some time off from preparing his family's home for the next wild-fire evacuation to visit his grandparents and the Festival-by-the-Bay where he volunteered for distributing free samples (Sanitizers, bandages, pens, forms for personal health records, etc.) donated by local hospitals to the Port Ludlow Health Committee.

    Kids visiting the PLVC's Health & Wellness Booth enjoyed a variety of hands- and brains-on activities, here in front of a brain-teaser test and various heart and brain models and posters.

    * * *


    * * *

    The Education Resource Center has assembled "Notebooks" with community wellness resource pamphlets. These notebooks are available in the Beach Club and the Bay Club.

    The WebGuys behind this PLHEALTH.ORG site have provided links to Internet third party sites, over which they have no control. Thus, they also do not endorse the content, operators, products or services of such sites, and are not responsible or liable for the content, operators, availability, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, services or other materials on or available from sites to which they have provided links. The information about various wellness or health conditions and treatment options contained throughout this website is general in nature and is intended for use as an educational aid only. Hopefully, the information on this site will help residents make better wellness related or health care decisions and should not be used to diagnose or treat any specific medical condition. Nothing on the PLHEALTH.ORG site shall constitute medical advice. Neither the WebGuys nor any member of an organization associated with or endorsing the PLHEALTH.ORG site shall be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any such content, products or services available on or through PLHEALTH.ORG.

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