Port Ludlow Health & Wellness Group

Educational Resource Center Locations

The Port Ludlow Health & Wellness Resource Center presently exists more as a concept than easily identifiable reality. Notebooks, plastic holders for educational materials, brochures in bags and boxes in some members' garages and, last not least, a Web site supposed to provide easy access to Health Resources anywhere in the World, as well as numerous, privately owned computers and printers in members'residences, are the most specific physical or digital manifestations of this "Resource Center". Here are some of the important locations where the Health & Wellness Group/Committee tries to be in contact with residents via paper, voice or "bits and bytes":
Beach Club Educational Resource Notebook; Exhibits in Glass Case in Bay View Room; Use of existing space for Resource Pamphlets 8x11 Poster Handbills
Bay Club Five ? Educational Resource Notebooks,
Exhibit in Glass Case
Large Pamphlet holder
8x11 Poster on Bulletin Board below PLVC Handbills
Web Site (plhealth.org/resourcecenter.html) Access to health & health care news and information Types of Organized & Linked Online Resources:
Public media, scientific journals, research reports, health care organizations, educational events, other informative web sites
PLVC Web Site
Health & Wellness Committee
Links to major
PLHealth Subpages
Forum Posters
Port Ludlow Post Office 8x11 Poster Handbills
Admiralty Kiosk; left of entrance to Beach Club 8x11 Poster(s)
Kitsap Bank (PL Branch) Handbill Holder (near Coffee Pot)
JHC Clinic (Port Ludlow)
Active Life
Friday Market Occasional Participation w/ members and materials Handbill distribution
Festival by the Bay (last weekend in July) Participation in PLVC Tent with exhibits & personal engagements numerous posters Distribution of Handbills
Port Ludlow Community Church
Paradise Community Bulletin Board 8x11 Poster(s)
Port Hadlock Post Office
County Library in Port Hadlock
Chimacum Community Center