Port Ludlow Village Council Health and Wellness Committee

Annual Report: Fall 2012 - Summer 2013
(presented at 11/7/13 PLVC Meeting)

Gunter & Ursel Krumme, Co-Chairs 2013-2014

I Introduction A. PLVC’s Health & Wellness Committee has been active now for 2 1/2 years. Its work has been carried out through three “tracks:” (1) Health Forums; (2) Support Groups; and a (3) “Resource Center” to meet its mission “to assist residents to access health information that would assist them in making personal health choices” The financial support of $300 for each track, and contributions by PLVC’s liaison member Lois Ruggles, are gratefully acknowledged. B. Towards the end of the year, the Committee faced the resignations of both its Forum Co-chair Tom Boughner (March) and its Chair Tom Stone (August). Both were highly influential in the Committee’s inception in 2011 and will be greatly missed. C. Two new enthusiastic volunteers were approved as Committee members in 2013: Autumn Pappas (January) and Karen Gebala (August) II Activities in 2012-2013 Related to our Three Tracts: A. Wellness Forums: Coordinators were Tom Boughner and Peggy Schafran with Ursel Krumme [retired nurse educator] assisting in the role of consultant for content of presenters. 1) Return to Active Life! The Importance of Exercise as We Age, Monday, Sept. 24, 2012 from 3:30-5:00 PM by PL Active Life’s Physical Therapist Dr. Michael Harberpointner, Kari Van Schyndel, MPT and Jessica Monroe, PTA. There were 60 attendees at the Beach Club. 2) Healthcare Coverage: What’s New and What’s Coming, Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012 10AM to Noon by Chewon Lee from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner; Majorie Stewart, SHIBA Coord. (State Health Insurance Benefit Advisors) and Lauren Newcomer, Director of Quality & Improvement at Harrison Medical Center. There were 110 attendees at the Bay Club. 3) Preventing Prediabetes and Diabetes, Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013 1:30-3:30 by Jefferson Healthcare’s Certified Diabetes Educators Amber Benner, RN, BSN & Irene Marble, Registered Dietician; & Wes Schott, ARNP Port Ludlow Clinic. There were 45 attendees at the Beach Club. 4) Heart Attack Protocols and Rehabilitation, Tuesday, May 14, 2013 from 1:30 - 3:30 PM by Dr. David Tinker, Kitsap Cardiology and Harrison Medical Center; Tim Manly, Paramedic, PL Fire & Rescue; and Judy King, RN, Jefferson Healthcare’s Wellness Program Cardiac Coord. There were 110 attendees. All needed arrangements were made at the respective Beach or Bay Club and appropriate advertising strategies were carried out through the Voice, local newspapers, email blasts, posters, telephone tree etc. Two important facets of our presentation model were to (1) enlist two or three complementary experts/ presenters for each topic and (2) provide educational resources through our website www.plhealth.org and at the forum itself (through handouts/ pamphlets) so attendees could -- if they wished -- prepare themselves for the presentations as well as follow-up or deepen their understanding of the content afterwards. Forum details can be found on plhealth.org/forums, and, for the resources provided, on plhealth.org/events. Feedback both formally (through surveys) and informally reveal residents “appreciated the new knowledge gained” and “learned lots of useful information” related to their health and future choices. A total of 325 residents attended the four Fall 2012- Spring 2013 forum series. B. Support Groups: Report by Kathy Traci, Coordinator. The PLVC's Wellness Committee's Support Groups had many successes in the past year. 1) The Brain and Aging Support Group met at the Bay Club for 7 months in 2012-13. The members viewed and discussed chapters of an excellent technical DVD series about how the brain functions. Members also shared their personal tips about how to keep the mind active using challenging games and word/math puzzles. Additionally, exercise and nutrition topics about how to enhance the health of the brain were explored; 2) The Port Ludlow Cancer Support group was able to take in two more individuals this year, one person from Port Townsend and another from Port Ludlow. If there is a need, two members of this Cancer Support Group have agreed to mentor another Cancer Support group to get started; 3) The two Weight Loss groups, We Are Losing it (WALI 1 and WALI 2), met twice per month. One group meets at the Beach Club and the other group at the Bay Club. Dues are $2 per month or $24 per year. All funds are used as incentive prize money for members to continue to either lose weight or maintain their weight. Many individuals in the WALI groups have experienced significant weight losses by providing support for each other for healthy eating. They shared recipes and information about different satisfying non-fattening foods. If there is a need for another weight loss support group, several members of the existing WALI groups have volunteered to be available to assist the new group. C. Education Resource Center: Coordinators for health pamphlets/notebooks references were Peggy Schafran & Ursel Krumme; for our Website www.plhealth.org Gunter Krumme In the absence of a centralized physical facility, the Resource Center is best described as being comprised of diverse opportunities for providing access to health and wellness information which facilitate our mission of assisting residents to make personal health choices. “Information opportunities” and related activities for residents included: 1) individual communication and informal counseling when requested; 2) use of formal media, such as the Voice and our website. Several members wrote short health-related articles for the Voice. Articles, videos and extensive internet links were made available on our website www.plhealth.org. 3) securing/distributing educational materials at Forums and events: pamphlets, handouts, copies of articles etc. Many of these educational materials have been made available by collaborating with healthcare providers, particularly Jefferson Healthcare and Harrison Medical Center. We appreciate all their “donations”. 4) compiling Educational Resource Notebooks in Bay Club (8) and Beach Club(4) ; 5) exhibits at the Beach & Bay Clubs, at the Festival and Friday Markets III Other Activities: In addition to the activities within these three tracks, members performed a variety of other tasks on behalf of the committee such as establishing and cultivating contacts with healthcare providers, especially Jefferson Healthcare (including our local P.L clinic and JHC presentations at Bay Club) and Harrison Medical Center; and local organizations such as the Fire Department (for “Files of Life“ of Med. info), ECHHO, SHIBA advisors, 1st Weds. Luncheons etc. IV Outlook & Vision: Developments in the healthcare sector are likely to increase the need for multi- faceted patient education. We foresee an expansion & deepening of present activities to more formal small group/one-on-one assistance/counseling sessions for health information e.g. learning to search reliable health websites in front of a screen, compiling a personal health file to include using JHC/Harrison’s new Epic’s “My Chart’” electronic record system etc This approach moves from relatively passive health and wellness learning to more active and engaged patient education modalties. Stay tuned for our new (ad)ventures! We request the same budget amount. COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Karen Gebala Gunter Krumme Ursel Krumme Autumn Pappas Lois Ruggles Peggy Schafran Victoria (Vicki) Tallerico (PLVC Board) Kathy Traci In addition to the formal PLVC "Committee Members", the Port Ludlow Health and Wellness Group also consists of a wider circle of Health and Wellness Advocates, among them: Tom Stone (Committee Chair Emeritus) Tom Boughner (Forum Chair Emeritus) Bob Azen (Technology: Sound & Projection) Marge Beil (Community Church Outreach) Barbara Berthiaume (Liaison to Blue Bills & PLVC Welcome Committee)
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