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A VOICE for Health & Wellness (2010 - 2018)

Selected Health-Related Articles from the Port Ludlow Voice

Compiled by the PL Health & Wellness Group

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    • January 2019
      • End of Life Planning Seminar, p.11 Saturday, February 9, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Sign-in starts at 12:30 p.m
      • Jefferson Healthcare Announces SANE Program, p.12


    • December 2018
      • Jefferson Healthcare Recognized for Excellence, pp.11-12
      • Jefferson Healthcare Announces New Chief Nursing Officer, p.12
      • Hip Fracture Treatment, p.12 Jefferson Healthcare is 5-star rated for hip fracture treatment outcomes, according to a study released by Healthgrades ....
      • Prepare for Winter, p.13
      • New Medicare Cards are Coming, p.14
      • Communities work best, pp.25-6 One of the ongoing goals of the PLVC Emergency Management Committee (PLVC-EM) is to train Block Captains in each section of Port Ludlow to know how to appropriately respond in a disaster. The primary role of a Block Captain is to provide their immediate neighbors with tools and resources to help them prepare their own households. ....

    • November 2018
      • JHC Receives Leadership Silver Award, p.12
      • Jefferson Healthcare Hospice Grief Workshop, p.12
      • Grief Amidst the Holiday Season, p.13
      • Jefferson Healthcare Announces New Chief Nursing Officer, p.13
      • Jefferson Healthcare Free Community Events and Workshops, p.14
      • Village Council Report (p.25) The newly energized Health & Wellness Committee, in partnership with Jefferson Healthcare, hosted three in-depth seminars pre sented by doctors- in- residence on such subjects as strokes, cardiovascular health, and orthopedics. We look forward to an expanded program this coming year

    • October 2018
      • An Afternoon with Mark Harvey {p.9) The Health and Wellness Committee of the Port Ludlow Village Council is pleased to present “An Afternoon with Mark Harvey” on Friday, October 26, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the Beach Club. Harvey is the Regional Director of Information and Assistance, a part of the Olympic Area Agency on Aging. They have lots of feasible solutions for challenges you might not yet have experienced but may in the near future.
      • ECHHO? (p.13)

    • September 2018
      • Prepare for the big One, p.4
      • Disaster Prep: It takes a Village, p.4
      • Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Support Group in Port Hadlock (p.14)

    • August 2018
      • Jefferson Healthcare Community Calendar Support Groups, p.13
      • Jefferson Healthcare Grief Support Sessions Expanded, p.13
      • Earlier Opening of (Jefferson Healthcare) Dental Clinic in Port Townsend, p.13

    • July 2018
      • May’s Rabid Bat Stats Highest in 20 Years, p.10
      • JHC Receives 2018 Patient Safety Excellence Award, p.11
      • Jefferson County Food Safety Awards, p.12
      • Get Help to Quit Tobacco, p.12
      • Emergency Management Welcomes New CERT Coordinator and Leadership Team; by Danille Turissini, Director, Port Ludlow Village Council Emergency Management, p.28

    • June 2018
      • Investing in Our Community (New doctor at the JHC Clinic) (pp.5-6) It has been almost a year since Jefferson Healthcare opened the new clinic location at 89 Breaker Lane. The grand opening party in August was just the beginning for the new clinic. In January, Dr. Shannan Kirchner and Wes Schott, ARNP, welcomed Dr. Laura Wulff to the practice team....>
      • Alzheimer’s Association Support Group, (Port Hadlock Community United Methodist Church) (p.9)
      • Claudine Roesler Bequeaths Nearly $1 Million to Medical Foundation (Harrison Bremerton and Jefferson Healthcare, Port Townsedn) p.9
      • Jefferson Healthcare Act FAST Stroke Awareness Education (p.11)
      • Diabetes Education Recognition (p.11)
      • Survivors of Suicide Support Group (p.13)
      • Jefferson County Board of Health Honors 2018 Public Health Heroes (p.14)
      • Caregiver Shortage Crisis (p.16)
      • Village Council (p.29) The PLVC Health and Wellness committee noted that Jefferson Healthcare and PLVC will be partnering to provide seminars on orthopedic care, strokes, and cardiology in the coming months. Seminars will alternate between Beach and Bay Clubs....
      • Disaster Hors d’oeuvres Provided by Danille Turissini, Director, PLVC Emergency Management (p.29)
      • Jefferson Healthcare Building Siding Project Complete (p.30)

    • May 2018
      • Jefferson County to Start CERT Training, p.8
      • Mental Health Issues in the 19th Century, p.9
      • Need Medical Equipment? p.9
      • UBER comes to Port Ludlow, p.10
      • Hospice Foundation Breakfast p.10
      • Foot Care Program. p.10
      • Village Council April Meeting Summary (p.29)
        • PLVC Health and Wellness Committee is now partnering with Jefferson Healthcare to sponsor programs and seminars to inform the community on subjects such as cardiology, orthopedics, and strokes.

    • April 2018
      • Expanded Services for Port Ludlow Clinic, p.9
      • Earthquake Emergency Services, p.290.

    • March 2018
      • Meet Peggy L. Schafran, p.6
      • Interactive Discussion on Advanced Care Planning. p.10
      • Get Ready. Get Nixle. Text 98365 to 888777. p.14
      • Jefferson Healthcare Responds/New Clinic Structure, p.30

    • February 2018
      • JHC WellHearts Luncheon, (p.11)
      • Alzheimer Support Available (p.13)

    • January 2018
      • ECHHO Needs Help! by Sarah McMahan, ECHHO Executive Director [Ecumenical Christian Helping Hands Organization] (p.9)
      • Jefferson Healthcare Hosted Clinic Open Discussion (p.10)

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